Friday, May 17, 2013

Modest Outfits


Bunnie said...

Most beautiful skirts.

Luann said...

Where do you get the denin skirts/jumpers from? Or what pattern are they from? I am a bigger woman and want to dress more modestly but have difficulty finding what I need. It does not help that no one I know feel the same way. I could use a modest friend to help guide me. Thank you!

ChristianModesty said...

@Luann I know how you feel if you have one and would like to you can conntact me through Facebook
Katie's Mercantile Link:
Is a great place to get modest plus size clothing. God bless sister

Barbara Sara Muijlaert said...

Dear Taylor,

I love the headcovering in the picture. Do you have a pattern for me, so I can make it?

God bless
Barbara Sara

Rebecca Lynn said...

I especially love the outfit in picture 5. Is the top homemade or bought? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I wish that the pictures would load on my phone :( I tried going to the full web version but it wouldn't load that way either. It's odd, though, because other pictures on this site will load