Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Out Door Activities In Modest Skirts

Hello sisters! I wanted to share with you all my tips on how to do outdoor activities in modest skirts, this includes bicycle riding, hiking, gardening, horseback riding ect.

1.   Jean skirt: Nothing works better for running around or getting muddy in the garden than a jean skirt, there comfy and modest and easy to wash.

2. Culottes: are the best for bicycle riding and horse back riding, and you can hardly tell there no skirts while standing. and they won't get caught in the spokes. an alternative to this is the versatile jean skirt, I have worn jeans skirts while bicycle riding and never had any problems. 
3. Shoes: Sneakers and boots are the best kind of shoes for outdoor activities, boots are best for gardening and hiking (depending on the boot) sneakers are better for riding a bike or playing kickball with the kids:) They are super comfy and a great choice for outdoor activities

4. Head coverings: Braid your hair or put it in a tight bun so that it's not flying about and pin your head covering in place, I personally like the bandanna head covering best and this should stay on easily, so long as you use a few pins and hair clips:)    
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I really love the way one blogger puts it: If you can't do it while dressed modestly you shouldn't be doing it all. God bless sisters I hope these tips helped, please feel free comment and share your own tips:) 


Anonymous said...

Thanks you for blogging about modesty in outdoor activities!

Casey said...

What a wonderful article! I love my long skirts and rarely find them a hassle outdoors. If the work is too difficult in a skirt that's a good sign its man's work. Sometimes we ladies need to help out with man's work. Like when our husbands are sick or work jobs that do not allow them time for handling the tough jobs at home. When I need to take care of those jobs for him, I put on a pair of blue jeans with a knee-length dress or jumper over them for modesty and go about my work as usual. That way my husband gets the help I need and I can still be modest. Can't wait to read more!

Taylor Willett said...

THank you both for commenting I'm glad you liked the post:) and I totally agree with you @Casey, if you can't do it in a skirt than it's probably man's work:) God bless sisters!

Tabitha Johnson said...

Another good option for outdoor modesty is a skirt or dress with leggings beneath. These are especially helpful on those windy days!

Rachel said...

I was referred to this blog from a lady over at the headcovering Baptists board. I found this post very good and informative.

I wear ankle-length skirts all the time and have since I was about 9 or 10... That's about 8 years and in that time I've always maintained that I can do anything in a skirt that other girls try to do in trousers. When climbing, it's a good idea to wear leggings or pantaloons underneath, but apart from that, I've never had any problems or concerns.

God bless, and thankyou for your great blog.
from Rachel.

Nevyn said...

I am Muslim and we wear ankle covers, I just get a piece of spandex blend fabric and sew a sleeve, it is like socks without feet :) they go from ankles to knee and hold well but not as hot and you can wear sandals. Also for wrists we do the same as we believe in a woman covering up to her wrist bone so with some shirts or if I am out and active with the children I wear wrist covers under my shirt which are like tubes that go up 5-6 inches (kind of like a very tall bracelet). I have them in very lightweight fabric and in a few colors to match, just some ideas, I really like your blog.

modest Christian said...

I don't like split skirts. I would prefer to use a side saddle if I choose to ride a horse and there are special covers to put on bicycles to prevent skirts from getting caught in the bike spokes. A bike skirt guardhttps://www.etsy.com/listing/235888711/vintage-crochet-pattern-to-make-a-super?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=crochet%20patterns%20bicycle&ref=sr_gallery_3