Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How To Stay Warm In Modest Skirts

Hello sisters, it's get pretty cold outside and one of the things people always ask me is "how do you stay warm in skirt only?" So today I'm going to share my tips for staying warm in the Winter and trust me use these tips and you'll be much warmer than you ever were when you wore pants. 

 1. Wear an underskirt/petticoat: I do this all the time, it gives for another layer of warmth and gives your skirt a pretty, fuller look:)  
2.Wear pantaloons: Yes they still exist:) you can find them on a lot of online stores run by Christian ladies. there basically like wearing puffy pants under you skirt. In the winter I'd recommend wearing them in a thicker martial, that way they'll be extra warm and there super comfy. I also like to wear these in the summer but in a cotton blend material.
 3. Wear long socks: I wear my socks a least up to my knee in the winter, this helps keep you lower calf warm, and keep you feet toasty. I recommend wool or knit socks. 
4.Have a long coat: I warm a coat that goes to my knee's, this will help keep the majority of your leg warm. 
 5. Don't wear cotton: Cotton's great in the summer, but in the winter not so much, it's breathable so that means it will let cold rush in. So stay away from cotton this winter:)

   6. Wear thermals: thermal leggings or shirts are designed to hold in heat and will be perfect for keeping you warm,
7.Wear thicker skirts: Thicker weight skirt's will help hold in heat and keep you warm.

8. Wear boots: I love boots and just like socks if you wear them to your knee they help keep your leg really warm.

God bless sisters I hope you find these tips useful! 


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just found your blog today and I absolutely love it! Thanks for the great ideas for staying warm. This is exactly what we do with my three little girls. It takes a little extra time and work to get out the door but we are toasty in the winter. Here are our layers: cotton tights (cotton because I have never seen wool tights and I'm not a fan of polyester), wool leg warmers, under dress, dress, wool knitted dress(in super freezing cold weather), long coat, high boots. Personally, I think jean pants (what everyone seems to wear these days) are not the best protection from cold. Just my opinion.

Taylor Willett said...

Thank you! I'm glad you like it! I don't think jeans keep anyone warm either:) Those all sound like great ideas! God bless!

Laura.lea said...

I wear thick tights underneath wool maxi skirts in the winter. I live in Michigan, so it can get pretty chilly early in the morning. Tights seem to keep me the warmest. I agree jeans are not the best thing to keep you warm! I only wear them occasionally anyway.

Taylor Willett said...

@Laura.lea Thank you for sharing you tip!and for following my blog:) God bless sister!

Anonymous said...

I wear A line or gathered at the waist wool skirts in winter. Knee length or longer. My comfy little addition is a pure chiffon prairie petticoat. No netting or bulk, but super warm without making my skirt billow out. This way I dont have to do the leggings or tights thing, which is much more comfortable to me. Tall boots and warm socks make for a classy looking and beautiful outfit.

Adams Young said...

Nothing beats wearing thick thermal warm socks in the winter. The wool thermal socks are thick, wholesale thermal socks