Monday, November 12, 2012

Modesty On Your Wedding Day

Hello sisters! Today I wanted to go over a subject that is often over looked or not even acknowledged. Modesty on your wedding day. Now when I say wedding day I am NOT talking about the wedding night, when the newly weds are alone; I'm talking about her gown, what she is going to wear in front of friends and family/family in law. The reasons I think the wedding gown should still be modest are these: 

1.It shows respect to your new (in-laws) family

2.I wouldn't want my husbands family to see my body

3.A women is like a present on her wedding day, you wouldn't want a half opened present would you? 

Now although most women would ague "I want to look sexy for my husband" your future husband isn't the only one that's going to be there. On your wedding day the very LAST thing you would want is for other men to lust after you or to see too much bare skin while you are being tied to the man you love. So please sister's don't give up on modesty on your wedding day, save the unwrapping of the present for when you and your new husband are alone. God bless sisters! 

Well sister's I thought I'd add a little something to this article, and that is what I want my wedding to look like. Like any other little girl I love planning out my wedding (even though I'm not going to get married for many years to come) Let me know what you all think:) God bless! 

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