Saturday, July 28, 2012

Modesty Begins From Within

Modesty on the inside ? What is it? To me modesty on the inside means to have Christian thoughts (or at least try your hardest to) to not judge others, and yes this includes the young ladies in mini skirts and bikinis. You are above no one, we are all sinners and only God is perfect. To be modest on the outside is one thing, but even if you are you can still have a negative attitude towards things. To be modest to me means to humble and feminine in the way the Lord created women to be. To listen to the men in our lives (Fathers, Husbands, brothers ect.) Most women today are feminist's and think they have to be exactly like men, and to be "feminine" means to be weak. That is simply not true, to be feminine is the way God created women to be, he created woman to be equal to men, but to play different roles in there lives. Women are to be men's help meet and men are to be the head of a household. Women are to be strong and humble, soft spoken and kind. I merely wanted to touch on this topic today thank you for reading:) Have a blessed night.

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