Friday, December 14, 2012

Should Christian Women Wear Pants

Hello dear sisters today I wanted to share with you all my opinions on weather or not Christian women should wear pants. I don't think Christian ladies should wear pants because:

1. They outline the lower half of the body: In this picture nothing is really left to guess about the lower half of these women's bodies, you can perfectly see the outlining of her legs, thighs and rear. Even on a looser pair of pants you can still tell the outlining of these areas.Pants not only outline the lower half of the body but they also blur the line between men and women dressing differently from one another. (hence the term "boyfriend jeans")The clothes that women wear send a message, if a Christian women is wearing a pair of tight pants she is telling the world I really don't care about modesty, which can be a very confusing testimony for some because it states clearly in the Bible Christian women are to dress modestly. (1 Timothy) Long skirt's are much more modest.  

Even these "looser" pants outline places of the body that shouldn't be focused on, and the way pants are designed there's a triangle shape that leads up the body like an arrow. 

2. They aren't feminine: Pant's were originally designed for men, pants only became women's wear when women would borrow the pants of there boyfriends (hence the name boyfriend jeans) 

“The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a 

woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.”   Deuteronomy 


I do believe that pants were originally made for men and although they eventually produced pants made for women I don't believe that makes them Biblical to wear, if a women wore a loose shirt, jeans and sneakers couldn't a man walk in that's dressed exactly like her? I believe this blurs the line of differences between the sexes placed there by God, and I believe that's what this Bible verse is talking about.

I understand other people's view that if you wear a long shirt or something to cover the front and back of the outlined lower body, but to me this still wouldn't feel feminine or modest. The lower leg would still be outlined by the pants. 

3.Many Christian men have expressed that they won't find pants to be modest on women, they to claim that the outlining of the lower body can be a stumbling block for them. The wearing of pants doesn't go both ways because women don't have the same mind set as men do. Men can fall into sinful thoughts just by looking at a women, we don't want to be stumbling blocks to our brothers rather we want to be encouraging in their walks with God.

Romans 14:21

It is good not to eat meat or drink wine or do anything that causes your brother to stumble.

Romans 14:13

Therefore let us not pass judgment on one another any longer, but rather decide never to put a 

stumbling block or hindrance in the way of a brother.

So these are the reasons I don't wear pants and don't encourage my Christian sisters to do so. God bless dear sisters, please feel free and share you opinions in the comments!  


Rebecca Reyes said...

Thank u soo much. I could not have said it better! I am new to only wearing skirts but I do believe I was convicted by the Lord and I want yo do anything to please him.After all we were bought with his blood and we are not our own. Thanks so much for being n agreement with the bible.Sometimes it feels like ur all alone in the world trying to do is certainly good to here from other women obeying the word of God

Taylor Willett said...

@Rebecca Reyes, I know what you mean, it's always nice to meet other Christian women who follow the word! God bless dear sister I'm glad you liked the article.

Moriah said...

I wear pants only when my Mom wants me to. But when I do, I wear a jumper over top. If I have to wear pants I still want that are covered. Though I prefer long skirts better.

Anonymous said...

What about scuba diving? What if, I as a woman, would like to partake in this fun activity (accompanied by my husband of course)? A once in a lifetime chance to see God's under the sea creation? I'm pretty sure safety requirements to dive require me to wear a wet suit that is..pants.

Anonymous said...

Long time reader..first time poster:
I have a question: I enjoy running. It clears my head, is a wholesome activity and it's one of the few things my husband lets me do without his supervision.

It is also beneficial to my health. Very good cardiovascular workout (unless I should just pray away my impending health problems LOL)

With that said, what should I wear whilst running? Is this acceptable?

ChristianModesty said...

Yes I believe this is perfectly acceptable and modest. God bless

As for the person posting above I have not been responding to your comments due to the fact you have not left a name so therefore I couldn't respond to you directly. As for your comments made previously, Adman and Eve realized they were naked after committing the first sin and then attempted to cloth themselves, but even after they did this God came down and made more clothing as the clothing they (Adam and Eve)had crafted was not modest enough, furthermore the Bible in 1 Timothy says that women are to dress modestly. God bless, I hope this answers your question.

Anonymous said...

Quite technically, the only human beings without sin were Adam and Eve (before Eve ate the apple), and before she did so (whilst they were still pure) they covered up nothing. So, following all logical reasoning, wouldn't that make the most sinless, pure garment no garment at all?

ChristianModesty said...

No, because we are not pure anymore (Romans 3:23) we are sinners, after Adam and Eve ate the apple they saw that they were naked so God covered them, what your reasoning is all referring to the time before the fall of man. We are not in the garden of Eden anymore, we are not pure. The Bible commands modesty(1 Timothy 2:9)
The only logical reasoning is to obey the word of God. God bless.

Anonymous said...

so are underwear & bras allowed or not because they werent around in biblical times

laurag said...

Is wearing jeans under a knee length dress for riding a fine? I ride horses and need something feminine and safe(and modest) to wear. a long skirt is a safety hazard and I dont ride side saddle.
Thanks :)

Zandra said...

I do agree with you that women should dress modestly, but your argument isn't quite valid due to the fact that in Biblical times men wore dress like garments. For example the clothes some men in the middle east choose to wear.

So in reality, if you wanted to apply the biblical standards in dress, you should be dressing similar to the Muslims, both men and women a like. Because really, compared to the time of Jesus, how you would be dressing would be considered "modern" and dare I say, "immodest"?

Lydia said...

I agree!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's entirely up to you!!!!! Don't let the world tell you what to do. I'd say definitely go 4 it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

abigail hoare said...

Does Deuteronomy:22:5 forbid women from wearing pants? No, it doesn't. In fact, even men in the Middle East through the history of the Old and New Testaments did not wear pants; they wore a robelike garment. However, there is an underlying principle that applies today. Men should dress in an appropriately masculine manner and women should dress in an appropriately feminine manner. Clothing manufacturers make pants designed for men and pants designed for women.
For more insight, please read our article The Modesty Question: How Far is Too Far?

Anonymous said...

All the lewd comments I hear from the men I work around are directed toward women wearing trousers. Never do I hear a lewd comment about a woman wearing a skirted garment, even one somewhat above the knee.
Pants, even rather loose in the crotch, reduce or prevent vehtilation of this typically moist part of the body. This encourages outbreaks of various growths: yeasts, fungi and bacteria. Open crotch lower undergarments encourage ventilation, reducing problems of this sort. This also reduces the profits of the crotch deodorizer industry.
The snugness of the crotch area is a point of interest, likewise how the woman's rump is shaped.
Few bras are designed only to reduce breast movement on a woman's chest. Almost all are designed to mould the breasts into a fashionable shape, lifting them up and pushing them outward for men to ogle, and pushing them forward closer together, creating "cleavage" to make them more prominent.
There is increasing evidence (not mere "internet chatter") from France, England and China that bras restrict the removal of harmful substances from the breast tissue, promoting tumors and cysts. In many cases ceasing wearing a bra reduced or eliminated breast pain. Breast movement appears to be the mechanism of inducing lymphatic fluid movement through the lymph vessels. Other parts of the body induce lymph movement by the tensing and relaxation of muscles, but the breasts have no muscles overall, the only ones being the ejector muscles of the milk glands and the tiny "goosebump" muscles in the skin, neither of which impart any movement to the breasts as a whole.
A snug bra may be called for during activity that exposes the breasts to sharp objects, burns, or being caught in machinery if allowed to hang naturally.
Some women may have such large, heavy breasts that they are not comfortable doing without. Usually but not always such women are obese, which is another problem for the health and well-being of the sufferer.

Anonymous said...

This is all nuts. People should wear whatever they feel like wearing.

Anonymous said...

One of the worst arguments I've ever heard AGAINST women wearing pants is that it causes impure thoughts in Christian men, thoughts that can be acted upon. Let me ask, what kind of a "Christian" is a man if he would violate his relationship with his wife because his head is turned by a woman in a pair of tight pants/jeans? I am a Christian man, and yes, my wife wears jeans, and yes, so do plenty of other attractive women - but I married my wife, not them, and I would never commit adultery for I took a vow before God.

John said...

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Anonymous said...

Underwear has been around since the expulsion from the garden. When the LORD made "coats" (perhaps tunics, long shirts) the breechcloths Adam and Eve had made became their underwear.
Priests were required by the law of Moses to wear linen shorts or breeches under their priestly robes. Men "girded their loins" when going to work. This was a wrap that is essentially a loincloth. It protected a man's genitals from injury and inadvertent exposure.
Women of the people of God through the ages did not wear trouser-like garments. Women wearing pants was found only among pagans, who often confused the sexes in their religious observances. Christians, the people of God, should not look to infidels for guidance in holy conduct.
On bras: they are intended to enhance "sex appeal" by holding the breasts up in an idealized position that not many teenaged virgins match up to, and to mold them into a shape that draws men's eyes. They also reduce or eliminate breast movement on the chest in direct opposition to our Creator's design. Female breasts are supposed to swing, jiggle, bounce and shake as a woman goes about her daily tasks. It is part of their maintenance of health. It is fairly well recognized that women of cultures in which they do not restrain their breast movement have less than 1% as much breast cancer as women of bra-wearing cultures. Also, fibrocystic disease of the breasts is virtually unknown among non-bra-wearing cultures while a majority of bra-wearers suffer from fibrocystic disease of the breasts at some time or another, and many suffer continually.
A bra that has a band tight enough to support the breasts, preventing bouncing, restricts breathing. Straps tend to irritate the shoulders, and if they do any more than to keep the tops of the cups pulled in, they tend to make the band ride up in the back. If the straps are used to support the breasts they cut into the shoulders.
"Push-up" bras squeeze the breasts together to create a fashionable slot between the breasts. These are intended to be worn with low necklines to be alluring to men's eyes. The natural position of the breasts is toward the sides with the nipples pointing outward, not squeezed together. Breasts are designed primarily for feeding infants. When holding a baby a mother's breast is swung even more to the side for the baby to nurse.
A loose undershirt, chemise or slip and an outer blouse allow the breasts to be in their natural position and to move around as God designed them, not as some homosexual fashion designer artificially intends.
All the eye appeal God intends for female breasts is accomplished without a bra or similarly-purposed device.
Bras, especially padded, raise the temperature of the breasts, which is associated with causing tumors in the breasts. More study of this connection should be done.
The only legitimate use of a bra for the Christian woman is to protect breasts from burns and injury when a woman is working with hot or dangerous equipment.
We are not to conform to this world but to be separate. The fashions of unbelievers are not to be our guide.

Anonymous said...

Women rode horses and donkeys for thousands of years before pants, even underpants, began being worn by women. They didn't ride sidesaddle, either, but straddled the animal's back just like men do. Either an underskirt was tucked under her or she sat directly on the saddle. Her outer skirt was draped over the saddle and down the sides and over the back of the saddle onto the animal's rump.
Only in recent times have women become unable to ride horse without pants.

Anonymous said...

This is a Christian forum. We do not try to get unbelievers to behave as Christians should. Our first interest is to be pleasing to our Lord, not to seek our own pleasures. To that end we address questions with the will of God in mind.

Anonymous said...

You are wasting eating, drinking and partying time fooling around here taunting Christians.

Anonymous said...

God provided the animal skins because sin needed a blood covering, which we now have through our redeemer Jesus. It is good to be modest but the "coats of skin" had a deeper and more meaningful purpose.

Hall Kelly said...

The Bible doesn't say that God made clothes ("coats"; "tunics") because the loincloths they had made weren't modest enough. It doesn't say why He made them.
Perhaps because they were being expelled from the balmy garden into the harsher world outside where thorns and thistles awaited them?
We too often read into the Bible what we want to see rather than seeing what it actually says - and doesn't say.

Hall Kelly said...

So because Christian men should be made of wood and be blind, spiritually speaking, Christian women should dress like streetwalking harlots if they please?
More self-centered "I wanna so I'm gonna" rather than "What does my Lord and Savior wish of me?" And "How should I conduct my life to the advancement of the Kingdom of God?"

modest Christian said...

I've lately learned about Pinterest and a lady posted your blog. I'm so glad to find another sister in Christ who dresses feminine and modest. I also dress feminine and modest. I have some post on my blog about how women ended up wearing pants and how we ended up being undresses. There is a book called The Undressing of America that explains a lot. I have a post called. She Wears the Pants. It is recent that women have been expected to wear pants. When went to school until the end of sixth grade girls had to wear dresses and they had to be modest or you were sent home. This was in the public school. check out my blog you may like it and I have lots of resources for finding modest dresses and patterns.

modest Christian said...

I would like to make a suggestion. Moderate your comments. There is no reason for people that do not believe in modesty to bother you with rude comments like this. There are many blogs on the internet that have everything they believe in. There are very few places for Christian ladies who dress modest and feminine. I suggest you tell them to go to the blogs that serve their ideas and beliefs. Blessings

Peter Cummins said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

OMG dat lower leg tho

Winkel's Crazy Ideas said...

It saddens me deeply that there are so many judgemental Christians in the world. We should seek God and try to live our lives according to His will, but not lash out at other Christians in the process, be they in trousers or dresses. Pam

Anonymous said...

I am a Christian sister in the Lord and wear skirts and dresses all the time. They are just so much more comfortable than pants. I tried wearing pants and they just felt too clingy and uncomfortable, did not feel feminine at all wearing them.

akhurnu said...

Yes, please moderate your comments or remove offensive ones like John's above. As a survivor of abuse, his has triggered me and made me feel victimized.

Victoria Miller said...

Taylor, with your modest lifestyle and long hemlines, how high up do you shave your legs if at all? I agree with all of the points you made in your blog. You are well read, and honorable in cause.

Regina said...

Thank you Taylor for this post. I realize it is old but it is still worth reading. I wear long dresses and I cover my head in obedience to the Bible. I try to be careful not to judge sisters who don't share my convictions. I agree with the ladies who suggested moderating comments and deleting the horribly offensive ones.
Have a blessed day!

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Unknown said...

But what happens if a women wears a skirt just as they would wear those black leggings so it would be tight around the hips

Unknown said...

But what happens if a women wears a skirt just as they would wear those black leggings so it would be tight around the hips

Anonymous said...

1. If woman or a girl loves Jesus, yes, I believe she will dress accordingly, and that is NOT wearing men's clothes. I fully believe pants are for men only but, am I going to wear a dress or a skirt during gym class at school? Am I going to wear a dress or a skirt while I'm working in my garden outside?
2. If a girl or woman's heart is right before God, they know the above statement to be true. I really don't believe it's a sin for a girl or a woman to dress appropriately for doing yard work. For true Christian women, we know in our heart when we should dress in a skirt or a dress!

Elspeth said...

Do what you want to feel modest but it's utterly ridiculous to say that, "The wearing of pants doesn't go both ways because women don't have the same mind set as men do." That's nonsense. I am quite fond of the way that men look in pants. Men's pants show off everything they've got and it's extremely distracting. So why is it that men can get away with showing off their crotches but on women it's bad? If someone wants to see something sexual, they will, whether you're wearing pants or skirts. Wear what makes you happy but don't act as though pants are evil. They're practical and most men are used to women wearing them. Skirts, even full length ones, can be very provocative. I have seen plenty of women in grocery stores with long skirts and flat shoes walking around with their rear ends swaying and shifting under the fabric. Women have curves. You can't hide that with a skirt. Men need to learn to control themselves.

ToRouxo said...

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