Monday, April 15, 2013

Plainly Dressed Christians

Hello dear sisters! Today I wanted to share with you all a wonderful post I found. Enjoy:) 

I am a stay at home Mother, with firm convictions in the area of family life. We believe if at all possible a Mother should homeschool her children, we believe in dressing modestly, modest meaning long dresses, skirts, jumpers, clothes that are not tight and revealing. We also believe in courtship, very limited amount of TV, being under submission to authority, Wife to husband, children to parents. But so many times, when a family starts to believe this way, it is so different than the rest of the world, that you focus on it a lot, training your children about why they should wear a dress, why they are homeschooled, why they are not allowed to date, etc. But this all leads me to a question. Have we become to focused on this area of the family, allowing this to become the definition of Christianity? Do we judge a fellow Christian based on the fact that they have a TV in their home, or that the wife might have a pair of pants on? Now don't get me wrong, I know that sometimes the outward appearance does speak volumes for what the heart is believing. But let me share this example. My adopted Grandma Dorthy was the most perfect older Titus 2 woman that I have ever known. She was such an example of faith to me, she always had a testimony to share, her spirit was so sweet, and she was strong in the faith. She raised four children with her husband, and was from what I hear, a wonderful wife and mother. But she didn't wear dresses, and did not homeschool her children. So, should we discard all the testimonies and the sweet spirit that she carried based on the simple fact that she wore pants? Absolutely not!


Winkel's Crazy Ideas said...

Something very dear to my heart is wearing our clothes out. Here in Norway people buy an enormous amount of clothes and a large amount of them are hardly used.Fashions change quickly and then people buy more to keep up. I was brought up to mend and make do, but was always clean and tidy. I wear both trousers and dresses, and am very content with that. I do agree though, that clothes say a lot about who we are, and the values we stand for. Pam

Anonymous said...

do you offer articles for chistian men too on these kind of subjects?.

Anonymous said...

there was an error is all i get when i try to connect...this site needs an upgrade or closure.